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Create No.1 Secured Trading Engine

Starting Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Business ? - We have premium solution for your bitcoin business startup.

Making Your Bitcoin Exchange Business in Online / Offline

Bitcoin Security must be impeccable to Start Business.
Coinjoker removes all security complexity of running
“ Bitcoin Exchange Business ”

Avoid Suspicious User

Suspicious user can be prevent this process by xss_clean method in Development Framework.Prevented the malicious file uploading process.

Secured Protocol

Secure Header on HTTP Request / Response such as - X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection, HTTPOnly, Set Secure flag

Software Disclosure

Found PHP version on HTTP Response. Malicious user can know system details for find vulnerability from public source or research private exploit.

CSRF Protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection for fraudulent victim create request action for do something by innocence such as send message.

Enable Debug Mode

Software Error from debug mode has enabled.

Very easy to customize

Software fully loaded with industry standard bitcoin exchange websites.

Why Coinjoker Bitcoin Exchange Script for You ?


Fast Transaction & Escrow module enabled.


Encrypted with dual authentication & secured storage


Create your Industry Standardized Online/ Offline Trading engine.

How it works

Online Trade

Buy/Sell bitcoin online with enabled bitcoin escrow system. Once received a payment from buyers then seller will release the bitcoin to buyer's wallet which is already escrow by seller.

Offline Trade

Buy/Sell bitcoins locally with direct cash. They can meet with each other in their respective local place and exchange their coins.

Dispute Resolution

If seller doesnt release bitcoin to buyer after made a payment then buyer can post dispute against seller. Admin will deal with them and release the bitcoin.

Special Packages for Bitcoin exchange Success.

Integration with Special Addon is a seamless process In bitcoin exchange platform

Multi-Signature Wallet Integration

Helping out with the integration of secure wallet to build in your platform to have transaction in safe corner.

Binding Escrow Service

Escrow binding module protects to hang the funds, gives a path when seller/ buyer fails to act their trade not upon their trust and plays a scam

Dual Authentication With CSRF

It places a role to have an eye security purpose to make the transaction fulfilled by both participators in bitcoin trading.

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Solutions we offer

  • Binary trading
  • Margin trading
  • Margin Lending
  • Leverage trading
  • Customized theme option
  • Donation
  • Merchant API services
  • Liquidity
  • Affiliate Program