Coinjoker added new features for bitcoin business startup – Don't you know ?


Margin Trading:


A few of trading platform may stuck with trading flows and lack of revenue generation. Because of the reasons, many of traders couldn't be active in your platform & the marketplace which couldn't satisfying the traders who to trade. If bit coin trading platform dont have these above mentioned reason, they may met lack of success. If you want to avoid your trading business failure, you have to update the website with latest trading features for traders longstanding.


Here the margin trading & lending features can help you to escape from business failures.


While platform integrates with margin trading, you can able to focus on increase your traders with trading flow as well as profit flow and you can change your business inactive traders into active traders. If you pick the right margin trading features , you can dramatically increase your bit coin trading business profit.


How margin trading works on bitcoin trading business ?


When an investor borrows bitcoins from his “broker” ( the term broker whose role plays by either business owner or peer-to-peer ) to buy bitcoins, the process is called margin trading. Margin is a way of increasing your trading power for investments. Borrowing the amount of bitcoins on margin means that you take a loan from your broker to increase the amount of capital fund you have at your disposal to invest.


The loan comes with its eligible line which means in the form of interest for your capital funds and there are limitations on how you use the loaned funds.


If you wish to go for trade in margin in bit coin trading business marketplace, then you need to join as a margin account holder. Once your margin account gets activated, then you can borrow the amount of bit coin.


How margin trading produce results for bitcoin trading business?


Margin trading is an unique feature for bitcoin trading business. While using margin trading, it brings continuous trading flow on your trading platform & you can increase your trading business profit through margin features.


Margin trading fees include commission for position opening fee that is charged only for particular time period, while trader position is opened. Check out the updated documentation with functions related to margin trading.


There are 2 types of margin trading which can start by bit coin trading business owner:

Admin based margin trading & lending :

In this admin based margin trading & lending marketplace, where admin (ie.) business owner will be main key-player. An admin acted as lender of bitcoin. Users can borrow their amount of bitcoin directly from business owner which one is most popular profitable scenerio in current market.


How does work ?


Initially admin will check trader's eligibility line. Then admin lending some bitcoin to the selective inactive or active trader in their business marketplace and giving them particular time for that bitcoin to increase their trading limits. Trading limits depends on your trader's margin account balances, market conditions and your active or inactive status.


Admin can set some duration for their lended bitcoin. Trader should return their offered bitcoin during the selective period. The lending amount of bit coin which can be used or not that doesn't matter for admin. In case, trader couldn't return what they borrowed, admin can take risks towards on trader's margin account.

Peer-to-Peer Margin trading & lending:


In this peer-to-peer margin trading & lending marketplace, where end-user ( lender) to end-user ( borrower ) will take a role major player. Here the business model supports for a lender who will lend the bitcoin to borrower.


How does work ?


P2P margin trading allows a trader can share some bitcoin to another trader in the same bitcoin exchange platform. Traders can quickly get some bitcoin by providing their valuable documents. This kind of process also have some time duration. This lending process performed like agreement based transaction between traders.


In P2P margin trading, business admin participation is less and admin can get transaction fees and it will increase users flow automatically. Auto renew feature is available for borrowers if they want their loans to automatically be offered again at the same rate after the loan they can used.


Make more profit on bit coin trading business by introducing the margin trading & lending features.


About Coinjoker:


@coinjoker – we understand most of the bitcoin trading marketplace is looking for ways to develop their existing business plans & even to generate more revenue.

Learn more about how to integrate margin trading & lending to existing business or new business on margin trading by visiting 


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